I’m joining a movement created by photographers across the country called #thefrontstepsproject. Starting in late March, I’ve been taking five-minute, safe distance “Front Steps Portraits”.

This means that you, your family or your business can have a portrait taken from your front steps. I’ll be ten feet away and we can wave hello, and then good-bye, after I’ve taken your portrait. Another option I’m offering is to take photos of you through your home or business’s windows. Both options have been done in the various locations I’ve been to- from my hometown of Kansas City to my present home in Portland, Oregon.

Afterwards, I’ll email you the digital file of your portrait. In exchange, I am asking you to make a good faith donation to the Oregon Food Bank.

I will be posting these images on instagram using the hashtag #thefrontstepsproject under wendlandphotography.

The purpose of this project is to bring us together virtually when we might be feeling isolated. At the same time we can step up and help those who need it most.

You can reach me at kathleen@wendlandphotography. I look forward to seeing you – from ten feet away!